Data Analysis & Visualization with Power BI Desktop

One of the skills organizations are employing at a very high rate lately is the Data Analyst/Business Analyst. Every business wants to predict the success of their company in present and future, they want to skyrocket their revenue, thrive in any season and above all have an edge over their competitors at every point in time.

Organizations know that to bridge the gap between what they want and their present level, can only be done by a business/data Analyst. To get the attention of this kind of organizations to pay you what you really deserve, you need to be relevant to them and as we know solving problems has a reward to it.

To stay relevant and get organizations chase after you, you need to enroll for this our training this march. Good news is there is an early bird discount if you pay before 14th of March!

You get to pay N 30,000/participant for the early bird, a group of 5 participants goes for N 100,000 (i.e. N 20,000/head). Normal fee starts by 15th of March which goes for N 50,000/participant and N 200,000 for a group of 5 (i.e. N 40,000/head)

The training is scheduled for 27th – 28th of March, 2020

For more information contact us through any of the medium you can as stated on our site

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