Employability Skill

Our employability skill training was very insightful and enlightening. Attendees were taught on best techniques and practices of writing and arranging CV’s that will stand out and make a lasting expression on the minds of an employer or HR personnel. They learnt the dos and don’ts of a CV, Cover Letter and even what to put on the body of a mail carrying their attached documents. The CV writing session had a complementary package to it as some CV’s were reviewed and issues were pointed out for correction…

The second session was mind blowing on Data Analysis with Excel and PowerBI. You needed to see how attendees were exclaiming and stunned at what Excel can do because not once have they seen the depth to which Excel and the Power tools can analyze data. When Excel is mentioned what comes to mind for most people is “Spreadsheet” but this session exploded their minds… To really understand what this session did in the minds of people, you need to be at our next training live! The training is totally FREE!

The next session opened attendees’ minds to one of the Artificial Intelligence in PowerPoint on how to be a better presenter. Rather than practicing your presentation with your mirror that won’t give you any feedback (except the smart mirrors) or with a family/friend that won’t give you an honest opinion; you can coach yourself to be a better presenter using this AI feature in PowerPoint.

All sessions was extremely communicative and mind-boggling, to be able to understand the extent at which our attendees are learning so much and improving on themselves drastically to fit into what the world is looking for… you need to be at the next training and bring a friend!

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