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Consultancy Services


We offer organizations’ that needs the services of competent IT officers in any field/capacity. We train and interview such officers before sending them to organizations’ that needs their expertise.


This service is for organizations’ that would love to outsource their IT department to BridgeTech, whereby we take over the responsibility of such organizations’ IT department, station a trained representative in the organization to solve minor issues and have our consultants frequenting such organizations’ if there are major issues to resolve.


BridgeTech offers support for organizations’ that has gotten a service/product from our company e.g. software application etc. over a period of time.

Training Services


We offer trainings to IT department of organizations’ that needs to be equipped with new skill set, in order to increase productivity and deliver quality IT services for their organizations’.


We have series of free IT courses for young people, so as to introduce them to forward thinking approaches that will groom them on necessary skill set such as critical analysis, problem solving soft skills etc. needed for the future of work.


We offer training for entrepreneurs on how to effectively leverage on technology to grow, expand and drive consistent flow of income for their businesses. Also, in order to help entrepreneurs easily scale up their businesses, a MENTORSHIP ACCOUNTABILITY package is made available to them so as to make their businesses stand the test of time.